• Take Ultimate Control of Your Property
    Smart AV Integrators can fully automate your property to maximize
    simplicity and increase the level of comfort with automation.

We make your Home SMART, so you don’t have to be

Smart AV Integrators brings commercial-grade, Bay Area expertise to Truckee, California and Silver Point, Tennessee property owners. Whether you are a full-time resident or maintain a vacation property, you will benefit from smart home products and our 9 core services.


One central network system neatly organized and hidden away.

Network System

Network System with Owner & Guest access includes: Our SMART AV Fire Wall, Router and Wireless Access Point (WAP) and all cable connectors.
An email alert lets you know who enters/exits your home.

Access Control

An electronic deadbolt replaces the existing lock at the entry door to give you 3 preset pass codes. Each time one is used, you will get an email allowing you to monitor who is coming and going.
Instigate preset functions with the touch of a button.

Control System

A handheld universal remote control is provided to control all automation within the property. You can also access the control feature from an App on your Smartphone.
Receive alert notifications to your phone or email if something is off.

Climate Control

With a network controlled thermostat, your thermostat lives on your wall and in your pocket. Once you connect your thermostat to the network, you can control it from anywhere. Create automated settings that automatically adapt to the seasons.
Program your lights to turn on at dusk and off at 10pm per HOA requirements.

Lighting System

Replace standard light switches with programable smart switches that customize lights for every room. Set timers and easily dim lights on site or from the app. Each switch is back lit for accessibility and aesthetics.
The shades can be programmed to raise in the morning and lower at dust.

Shade System

Affordable battery-operated shades with many design options can replace your existing shades with customized control features. Manage each room from a central control or Smartphone App.
Access the entire audio system from the App on your Smartphone.

Display/Audio System

A large QLED 4K Smart TV w/ a table stand can be placed on an Owner Furnished credenza or table within the space. A sound bar will be located below the display. A speaker can be placed in each area to provide programmable audio.
Snow level monitoring and motion activated cameras monitor snow load while away.

Camera System

Two battery operation web-based camera systems will be integrated on the Property. The cameras only provide a motion sensor video clip to save battery life. The video clips can be viewed and monitored on your Smartphone.
An optimized system ensures professionalism while video conferencing from home.

Home Office

Create the ideal home office setup with dual image displays on a swing arm desk mount. The HD video conferencing camera is positioned above the monitors for optimal output. Your set up includes a USB speaker and microphone.


Onsite or away, SMART AV Integrators ensures your system is easy to use. A central control integrated with a Smartphone App means you’ll always have full remote access, improved efficiency and maximized comfort features in your home.

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